U.S. Quail Shooting Dog Futurity

The U.S. Quail Shooting Dog Futurity has been established primarily as a breeder's stake for the purpose of promoting the development of the ideal "Class" shooting dog. The stake is designed to provide a "Showcase" for the evaluation and recognition of outstanding shooting dog prospects of derby age which have the potential to go on to win shooting dog championship stakes such as the National Open Shooting Dog Championship.

Litter Nominations - 46th Shooting Dog Futurities

Plans are underway for the United States Quail Shooting Dog Futurity to be held in Hoffman, North Carolina starting on February 1, 2011. Judges for the event will be John Ray Kimbrell and Charles Young, both of South Carolina.

Entries for both events will be derived from litters that were whelped in 2009 and duly nominated for eligibility. All dogs entered must be registered with the Field Dog Stud Book. The winners must either hold a DNA certification or they will be swabbed for DNA testing at the trial.

Owners of eligible derbies are encouraged to contact the secretary for entry forms or to simply send a copy of your dog's registration certificate along with the $30.00 entry forfeit before the deadline for each event - August 15 for the National Shooting Dog Futurity and November 30 for the U.S. Quail Shooting Dog Futurity. Your dog will then remain eligible to be named as a starter at the respective drawing that will be conducted prior to the starting date - when the $75.00 starting fee will be due. Watch this journal for detailed ads later this year.

Once again, a generous purse of $3,000 will be shared among owners and breeders. The winner will also receive an oil portrait of their dog.